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  • World Digital Archive

    World Digital Archive

    Does programming make you dream in binary? I had a bit of a fever dream. You know how much media gets lost every second? More than you can imagine. Games, comics, movies, TV shows, fansubs(hey remember all those stylized, burnt in karaoke subs european anime channels used to show?). If you want to get into…

  • He won’t rest, he’s training with King Kai

    He won’t rest, he’s training with King Kai

    Arigatou gozaimashita, Toriyama-sensei! Your talent was truly out of this world and has brought immense joy, unity, and most of all hope! You helped tens of millions of young people learn so much about the world, about courage, friendship, laughter, love, how not to give up even if you wake up with your tail missing…