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  • Invincible – You Can Only Read Once

    Invincible – You Can Only Read Once

    But you should read it. It’s an incredible comic, a masterwork, an example of how comics should be made. At least up until about chapter 110. I wrote this as I read through the chapters. I also used the powers of time travel and hindsight to edit this post, so it’s a bit of a…

  • Invincible


    I love Invincible, it’s one of the best comics I’ve ever read. Read it or watch the series, there’s very few changes anyway. Do it now, read the rest of this post later. This contains heavy spoilers from the Invincible comics. This is the only time you’re being warned. What is it with us that…

  • Call of Duty 3

    Call of Duty 3

    RPCS3 Emulation has come a long way. Almost every single PS3 game is playable, meaning you can fully finish it without any game breaking bugs. There’s also plenty of upscaling so games can look better than ever. There’s locally tracked trophies, keyboard and mouse compatibility, out of the box compatible with mostly any controller you…

  • Call of Duty

    Call of Duty

    A bit of background I love playing games on max difficulty. It feels like that’s the way the game was intended to be experienced, and at the end of the game I feel much more satisfied on a harder difficulty, and learn a lot more. A great example is the Arkham series. When I started…

  • Portainer math

    Portainer math

    0.0> 0.0 but also 0.0 < 0.0 lol lmao even

  • World Digital Archive

    World Digital Archive

    Does programming make you dream in binary? I had a bit of a fever dream. You know how much media gets lost every second? More than you can imagine. Games, comics, movies, TV shows, fansubs(hey remember all those stylized, burnt in karaoke subs european anime channels used to show?). If you want to get into…

  • My “smart” light switch died

    I’ve been into smart technology for a few years, and you probably have too because this shit is forced down your throat on every purchase, which would be fine if the features actually worked and if they didn’t have potatoes for CPUs. The issue with anything smart is that it’s badly made. The very fragile…

  • He won’t rest, he’s training with King Kai

    He won’t rest, he’s training with King Kai

    Arigatou gozaimashita, Toriyama-sensei! Your talent was truly out of this world and has brought immense joy, unity, and most of all hope! You helped tens of millions of young people learn so much about the world, about courage, friendship, laughter, love, how not to give up even if you wake up with your tail missing…