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If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I like comics.

Mylar is incredible for managing and automatically metatagging comics. It uses ComicTagger which is great for metagging outside Mylar too, but we still need to use the darn ComicVine API with their absolutely insane rate limits.

I’ve made a bunch of scripts to help save manual work. Most of them aren’t ready to be used by others as they might cause a singularity that would eat the entire universe if used improperly, but I’ll update this post as I get them in a usable state.


CBZ to Mylar

This expects the comics to have been tagged with ComicTagger.

Goes through all the CBZ files in the directory(and subdirectories) it is ran from, checks the CV issue IDs from the notes in ComicInfo.XML, gets the series ID from ComicVine and adds them all to Mylar.


You can copy the script in the directory you have your comics, or open a terminal in that directory and run it as such:

python3 /path/to/

The default is to verify every single CBZ file in the current directory.


--folder-per-series – Only verifies one comic in each sub-directory.

--one-series-per-name – Expects the comic names to be in the format: <series_name> <issue_id> (<issue_year>). If you want a different format, request it in an issue, or modify line 78 with your own regex.

NOTE: This uses my own comicvine cache. You can use this as a drop-in replacement in ComicTagger, just drop the URL in. The data I’ve cached so far is for older comics, and at most a month or two old. For the purpose of finding a series ID that should generally be fine, but if you use it in ComicTagger you might miss some artist or whatever metadata was updated for those comics, so use it at your own risk. I haven’t personally found anything missing though.

If there’s any data I don’t have, it will go through my api keys, so please be gentle. I have no rate limits of my own, but I do forward the 420 from ComicVine when I hit their limits

Add to Mylar

Adds a comic to Mylar by CVID.


python3 <cvid>


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