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I really like it when people make lists of their tools, containers, whatever they generally use day to day. I had no idea TubeArchivist existed until I saw it on awesome-selfhosted.

I was talking to one of my best buds about browser extensions, and there were some I had that would be quite useful to him. I started looking through my extensions to see what I could recommend, then I thought how much easier it would have been if I had a list too, so here it is.

This is going to constantly get updated. It might be very small and unorganized, or large and well organized depending on when you read this.

Browser extensions

When I say Browser, I obviously mean Firefox. I use these on Windows because I’m too lazy to transfer my stuff over to Linux alternatives, though I plan to do it by the end of the year. If these don’t work for you on Linux, figure it out. You obviously use arch(btw), so you can handle it.

uBlock origin

Adblock. Best there is. You can do cool stuff such as purge elements from the screen and save that. There’s some websites with incredibly annoying graphics, headers or etc which I remove to only have the information I need.

Tab Session Manager

Save lists of windows and tabs with custom names for later use. You can have as many as you like. It also auto-saves your sessions for those crashy moments.

Tree Style Tab

Vertical tabs that actually work as you’d want them to, with as many subtrees as you want. Compatible with Tab Session Manager too!


Password manager. Use with a self-hosted vaultwarden server so your passwords & 2FAs never leave your devices! Not showing a screenshot of this for obvious reasons.

Progressive web apps for Firefox

It’s not perfect, but it gets the job done for PWA’s on PC. I mainly wanted this so I can pin Home Assistant to my taskbar and have it with an actual Home Assistant icon and separate process window. I could keep it as a separate firefox window, but finding it is annoying and a mess.

Auto tab discard

Firefox sometimes seems to like fasting, because every now and then it will eat your RAM like it’s the first time ever seeing it. I’ve seen tweets of people having thousands of unloaded tabs, but with just 300 it was eating 10-16GB of RAM, most of those unloaded.

Of course, Slack was probably eating half of that. I have no idea what the code behind it looks like. I’m sure it looks clean.

This extension solves all of that. I don’t know how, but when it unloads tabs it actually unloads them. No secret processes eating your precious memory.

You could also avoid hoarding tabs, but better men than me have tried.

Oh, you can whitelist certain tabs/sites/etc from being unloaded too!


By the incredible ajayyy, this replaces titles with crowdsourced ones, and the clickbait thumbnails with images from the actual video.

The names can be a bit too long and go off screen quite a bit though. Maybe the css can be adjusted to get them to fully show up? If you read this in the future, this might not be an issue.


By internet ajayyy as well, crowdsourced in-video ad skips. You probably already have this, but if you don’t, install it right away. You can whitelist channels that you want to see the ads from.

I don’t really like the stuff Internet Historian advertises, not really a mobile game or war game person, but gosh darn his ads are INCREDIBLE. I would watch a video compilation of his ads alone without getting bored.

Duplicate Tabs Closer

This one is a bit old, but it still works perfectly fine and gets the job done. You can automatically close duplicate tabs, but that can be bad in certain cases, I personally close them manually when I see the tiny red number.

Video Speed Controller

The shortcuts and speeds are customizable! Works on Plex and most other video players.


Redirects based on regex. I use it to redirect YouTube links to Invidious.


Vaultwarden – self-hosted bitwarden server

WordPress – Blog

Authentik – Authentication provider


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